How to leave a comment

Please click on this hyperlink (words in blue that will link you to another URL/web address). After a brief pause, you will see a slideshow prepared by Jess Thorburn (an education Queensland colleague).

If you click on the screen enlarge symbol (it looks like a small black box with arrows in all four corners) below the image on the right, it will be easier to view. There are 8 slides which you can view by clicking on the small left and right white arrows below the screen. To leave the full screen image, press the Esc (escape) key on your keyboard.

Leaving comments is completely free, your e-mail address will not be published and the students love them! They come to me for moderation first (to prevent comments that could hurt students' feelings from being published). It's a safe environment to learn to make comments because I won't publish anything that is obviously an error.