Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Congratulations Joel!

Joel graded to his green belt (4th belt) in jujitsu on Saturday 3 December!

As previously mentioned, please let me know about any other Team 2A achievements that we can share on the blog!

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Christmas decoration- amazing stained glass windows

We made our pictures translucent by rubbing oil on the back of them.

Perfectly planned cities

We've been donning our town planning hats as we explored a recent iMaths investigation.

Our perfect towns included features such as emergency services, dog parks, helipads, power lines, movie theatres and railway lines. In Australia, our large cities are almost all near the sea so we included beaches too!

Christmas decoration- Christmas advent chains

These chains hang from bells. There are 25 links and the students are breaking a chain a day so that they can count down to Christmas Day.

Here is a close-up of the poem inside the bell.

Christmas decoration- pine cone angels

Dylan's Mum donated a bag of lovely pine cones. Using one of Mrs Hilliers' many fabulous art ideas we used them to make these angels. They have ribbon wings and little twine (or thin ribbon) arms. The students carefully painted glitter glue splotches to add some festive sparkle.

Show and Share- puppet show!

We had a wonderful week of entertaining Show and Share puppet shows. Yeju made these delightful puppets herself.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Congratulations Amber!

Amber was awarded a medal and a certificate from the Royal Academy of Dance in London for Primary Dance and on the 16/11/2011 she was awarded a distinction with perfect marks for use of space, expression and recall. 

We'd love to celebrate with any other Team 2A  members who have had concerts/ exams/ extra mural/curricular activities. Success includes participating and enjoying yourself so don't feel shy! You don't have to share your results!

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Hatching ducklings in the classroom

It takes a brave teacher to hatch chickens or ducklings in a classroom. You have the responsibility of finding good homes for a large number of little lives. Luckily, Catherine knew a family (with a pond) who were looking for ducks...

These little guys go home every night in a large plastic tub (with the floor covered with a layer of straw). You can see what a wonderful wetland they have during the day. When it rains, they make a gorgeous waddling of ducklings as they splash in puddles outside on the school oval. The school has a fabulous vege garden which means, in addition to their regular duck pellets, constant treats are in supply.

An area in the classroom was allocated to the ducklings.

Bags of sand and a swimming tub were brought in.

A brick is a useful stepping stone.

How did a duckling ever manage to fit in there?

The graphing possibilities are endless.

There are milk bottles, filled with water, inside the box barricade to give it stability.

The box barricade is lined with black plastic.

It's exhausting being a duckling! The little coloured stripes help identify which duckling is which.