Thursday, 24 November 2011

Hatching ducklings in the classroom

It takes a brave teacher to hatch chickens or ducklings in a classroom. You have the responsibility of finding good homes for a large number of little lives. Luckily, Catherine knew a family (with a pond) who were looking for ducks...

These little guys go home every night in a large plastic tub (with the floor covered with a layer of straw). You can see what a wonderful wetland they have during the day. When it rains, they make a gorgeous waddling of ducklings as they splash in puddles outside on the school oval. The school has a fabulous vege garden which means, in addition to their regular duck pellets, constant treats are in supply.

An area in the classroom was allocated to the ducklings.

Bags of sand and a swimming tub were brought in.

A brick is a useful stepping stone.

How did a duckling ever manage to fit in there?

The graphing possibilities are endless.

There are milk bottles, filled with water, inside the box barricade to give it stability.

The box barricade is lined with black plastic.

It's exhausting being a duckling! The little coloured stripes help identify which duckling is which.

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  1. Amber could not stop talking about the amazing ducklings......and how cute they were! I wish I had a pond big enough at home! We used to have ducks on our property when I was little!