Sunday, 5 February 2012

Suggested homework links...


Click on the DogBone link on the right hand side.
To get started: look at the number provided eg 13. Look at the 100s chart and click on the square where you expect to find number 13.  Try to use strategies to save time.

Click on the Rainbow Pairs link. You will find a game called Number Twins. Choose the number 10 to work on. Click on all the rainbow pairs (2 numbers that add to 10) that are next to each other. The numbers can be separated by spaces. No diagonals allowed.

Go to the Maths Lines link at ABCya. Click on Grade 3. Look for the maths lines game. Choose to add to 10.  Your cannon has a numbered ball eg 3. Aim at any number 7 and shoot it to earn points.

Have fun!

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