Sunday, 27 February 2011

The best things in Mrs Wilson's class

Joel: my friends
Bella: toys, the nice kids and people
Ashley: tadpoles, toys, books and friends to play with.
Yeju: reading books, doing Sound Waves and doing making.
Georgia S: the Beanie Kids, taddies, books, everything
Jake: the gem pegs
Jordie: tadpoles, books and working
Sean: Deltora Books, Hex Bugs and laptops
Dylan: computers, frogs and friends
Liam: tadpoles, books, spray, computer, toys and her. (Cathy and Stuart- bet you're also wondering who 'her' is?)

Luke: the books, the Hex Bugs, the kind people and the aircons. ( I love the aircons too! )
Mackenzie: the tadpoles, the Beanie Bears and the gem chart.
Amber: I like the chapter books and the compliment fish bowl.

For the uninitiated, this is a Hex Bug:


  1. Haha. You'll be pleased to know, Jacqui, that Liam tells us that 'her' means you :)! Cathy (Liam's mum)

  2. Wow. How school has changed. Actually the content is much the same, but look at the delivery mechanisms!! I can't wait to see each new update. Well done Jackie. Nellie's mum.

  3. we've got hex bugs at home too - they are very funny to watch. Joel sets up hex bug races (sort of like cockroach races). Great fun!