Sunday, 27 February 2011

What if tadpoles could talk?

We used de Bono's hats to ponder the question 'What if our tadpoles could talk?'

Liam said they would say," Mrs Wilson, Liam is working!"
Nellie thought if tadpoles could talk we could then make friends with them.
Jake wondered if they would help us with our work.
Bella thought they would tell us if we were making a poor choice.
Georgia S said they'd talk to the Beanie Kids in our classroom. 
Ashley said they would say,"Please can you set me free!"
Lauren said they would say,"Mrs Wilson we want some food!"
Georgia K added that they would be able to tell us exactly what they wanted to eat.
Patrick thought that talking tadpoles would make especially good pets but also thought they may dob (tell tales) on students.
Yeju said they would enjoy talking to each other and may even say,"Mrs Wilson, I want to do some work!"
Jordan said they would say, "Oh, I like this person!"
Sean said they would say, "Can we eat those cupcakes?"
Amber: said they would let us know if there was a fire, if they wanted to be our friends, if they wanted a chat and if they needed fresh water.
Mackenzie thought it would be amazing and they could ask us to let them go to the creek.


  1. My daughter can certainly talk and has lots of interesting ideas! Love all the brainstorming ahh to be a 6 or 7 year old or a tadpole that could talk! I especially love the dobbing tadpole, I will have to watch out for spies next time I am in the class room you never know who or what might be watching!!!

    Kylie xx (Amber's mum)

  2. Great idea for your class's Blog Jacqui Wilson.Kylie told me about it last night.Being Amber's Oma and living in Coffs Harbour I can follow her progress.I love it.
    Regards Toni