Monday, 13 June 2011

Owl Babies is a winner!

Georgia K was very excited that her Dad saw an owl recently. Running with this interest in owls, we used two books to explore the structure of narratives. 'Owl Babies' by Martin Waddell is the perfect book to use because of its simple but touching storyline. There are also several lesson plans available on the internet (see TES Connect) as well as a great reading on YouTube.

'Billywise', by Judith Nicholl, is a magical book about a young owl's glorious first flight. The vocabulary in Billywise is so powerful and lyrical, we were inspired to write a diamante-like poem on owls too.





swoop, dive
down, hoot, stare
screech, drink, eat, nocturnal
fluffy, eyes glow
glide, strong

And here's a link to this wonderful Owl Maths:

Owl Maths


  1. I love the book 'Owl babies' and have it on DVD! What a great story to be reading especially after seeing a real owl. I have a morepork that visits my backyard all the time and I hear it calling at night. I love all your wonderful owl poems, what clever poets you all are!

  2. What wonderful descriptive words you have chosen for your poems! We admired your beautiful printing too. Here in the Pacific Northwest part of Canada, we have lots of owls too. I love hearing their calls on winter nights.
    Thanks for sharing your work with the world.

  3. What gorgeous poems and I love the beautiful drawings that complete them.

    We used to take care of injured birds and we were lucky enough to have in our life a BooBook owl when I was young and yes he was successfully rehabilitated and released back into the wild! We also looked after a Tawney Frogmouth but that is not actually an owl, but very interesting all the same! Such amazing birds and what a wonderful subject to learn about!

    Kylie(Amber's Mum)