Saturday, 18 June 2011

Local Community Walk

On Thursday, we set off on a Wintry day for our SOSE (Studies of Society and Environment) local community walk. It was difficult to imagine rural beginnings, a tram, tanneries, a piggery and quarry. We looked down a hill at a neighbouring suburb that used to be called 'Happy Valley'.

We looked at Enoggera Hill and the Newmarket Brickworks Chimney (built 1912) to the West and the Brisbane River and the city to the East.

We looked at the house that our local area is named after:

We looked at a quaint Gothic church: 

And some of us managed to slip in a little bit of mucking around... or was that some redirection around a safety hazard?

As you can see, we had great support from Lisa, Kath, Ben and our photographer Kylie:

We looked for Queenslander type houses that are especially built on stumps which allow cool air to circulate below them, reduce the impact of notorious floods and cope with sloping properties. They have a covered verandah and often have steep iron roofs and can be very decorative. Can you spot the Queenslanders in this slide? 

After an hour or so we returned, still full of beans, ready to celebrate with a popcorn party. No more looking!

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  1. Beautifully put together by our very fit tour guide! I am so glad the children had the opportunity to take a small glance into what it must have been like back in the "olden days" as my seven year old always informs me! It was such a perfect day, beautiful weather and beautiful company!

    I can't wait for our next adventure!