Tuesday, 22 March 2011


After doing some numeracy problems to work out how much bigger our school is compared to Barton School, we composed this answer together...

Good Day Everybody at Barton School

Our school is 90 years old which is very old for a school in Australia. There are 800 children at our school.

We have friendly hermit crabs in our classroom except for Spikey  who snips hard and is a little cranky. Earlier in the year we had Pobblebonk and Green Tree Frog tadpoles in our class which we set free in the creek when they changed into frogs. We kept them in a tank and fed them fish food. Sometimes one would escape and we would all have to stand still until it was caught. We didn’t want anyone to step on the baby frog and squish it by mistake. Our teacher brought in her rats Grace and Willow to show us. We all had turns holding them on our shoulders. Next week is pet week for ‘Show and Tell’. Tyson has already brought in his tiny Chihauhau foxie cross. She was trained and could do some great tricks.

Our favourite lessons are Smart Moves (Sport) and going to the computer lab twice a week. What are your favourite lessons?

Team 2A

If you'd like to visit Barton School's blog , click on this link  http://bartonpri.posterous.com/

If you look at the flag counter, the dot on Brisbane is us!!

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  1. I liked having the tadpole and Tyson's dog visit our classroom! I like rollerskating tonight. It was fun!

    Love from Amber