Sunday, 27 March 2011

Just imagine...


Look at this delightful comment we received from the author Jacqueline Harvey:

I love your favourite books 2A! I was especially excited to see that one of the girls is holding my books about Alice-Miranda. It sounds like 2A has a fantastic time. Enjoy the upcoming holidays and who knows, maybe one day I might get to come and talk to you about being an author or writing Alice-Miranda's stories.

Best wishes,
Jacqueline Harvey 

This is the photo to which she is referring:

How exciting is that!


  1. How exciting is that and what a lovely comment! Lauren will be thrilled to bits if her favourite author came for a visit, in actual fact I think the whole class would be!

    Kylie(Amber's mum)

  2. Who is that girl hiding behind the Alice - Miranda books? She looks familiar. Could it be our grand daughter Lauren? How exciting if Jacqueline Harvey comes to your classroom. Next time you come to see us lauren bring those books so we can read them too.
    Liz & Bob( Lauren's Kiwi Grandparents)