Thursday, 17 March 2011

SOSE- A Great Place to Live

Postcard Project
2A is involved in a Postcard Project!
Many different classes from all around Queensland have signed up.

This is what is involved in the project:
  • Signing  up at the Learning Place to be a part of a postcard project called Beyond Your Back Door.
  •   Selecting and photographing a special place (landmark/feature/building/story) in our general area. 
  • Digitally sharing a co-operatively created class postcard.
  •  Sending the postcard.
  • Hopefully getting a postcard back!
We composed this introduction to our buddy postcard class:

Hello everybody!
We are a friendly and kind year 2 class. 2A has a big bright room with a large map on the wall, hermit crabs, and a class library with interesting and fun books. There are 22 students in our class (10 girls and 12 boys). We live in the ---------- area in Brisbane. 

We read through the introductions of other classes. Imagine our surprise when we found this one:

Hi we are from ........ State School, it is on the Northside of Brisbane.  Our school has more than 800 students.  ......... State School is a Prep to year 7 school.
Our class is made up of 13 boys and 12 girls.  We are a year 3 class.  Our teacher's name is Ms Gane.
8 of our classmates have parents from overseas.  From different countries.
Our class has been offered to join the choir and strings for the first time while at school.  We also have 4 library monitors that help out at the library.
The landscape of our school is made up of trees, bushes and lots of grass areas.
We are all looking forward to seeing photos and reading all the blogs
Relaxing ......

We're not the only class at the school who have joined the project!

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