Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Show and Share (thanks Mrs Stevens for the SOSE idea)

Dear 2A Parents

In their studies of society and the environment (SOSE), 2A students have been engaging with the history of the Wilston /Grange area and are considering how people, events, facilities and artefacts from the past relate to their lives today.

Students will be required during week 3 to present a short (2 minute) formal talk about a person, facility or artefact from the past that has some significance to their family e.g. They may be living in a house on land where there was once a market garden or a little corner shop etc. Their great grandfather or mother might have served an interesting role in the community. There might be a landmark in the area with particular significance. You might have access to an artefact that demonstrates how people dealt with some aspect of living in the past.

There are all sorts of possibilities, but they will not necessarily be immediately obvious to your child. Your input through directing your child to an appropriate subject and talking to them about its significance will therefore greatly contribute to the success of this exercise.


Ready for presentation on day
Evidence of planning and practise
Effective introduction
Smooth flow of ideas
Strong conclusion

Eye contact with audience
Clear, loud voice
Good pace (not too fast)
Varied interesting language
Use of expression/ animation
Control of body (no fidgeting)
Smooth incorporation of any support materials
Confident responses to questions from the audience.

Show and Share: Term 2

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Week 3- SOSE presentation (idea from my colleague Mrs Stevens)
Week 4- What am I? (Clues to an animal)
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Week 6- Poem
Week 7- Community Worker (What they do)
Week 8- News and weather

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