Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Vivid portraits

Poetry is a wonderful way to connect with children and their lives. These vignettes form such  vivid portraits I feel as if I now personally know the 'characters' who my students love!

My Grandma
I see my Grandma jumping into a tree and coming back down again.
I hear amazing singing
I smell beautiful lipstick
I feel soft blankets wrapping around me.
I taste lemonade with ice.
My grandma makes me laugh!
-Georgia K

My Dad  (there were lovely lines written about Mum and Louis too!)

I see the wheels moving on my Powerwing
I hear the stones on the concrete rattling
I smell the dust fling behind me
I feel happy and contented.
I like jogging with Dad.

My Monopoly Champion Dad
I see him fixing the car
I hear the engine burning
I smell the gasful fumes
I feel the hot car
I love fixing the car with Dad.

My Cousin
I see her running to me
I hear her heart when I put my ear to her chest
I smell hot cookies when I cook with her
I feel happy when she picks me up and spins me around.
I love my cousin.
-Georgia S

My Dad
I see my Dad on his DS ixl
I hear my Dad fishing
I feel my Dad giving me a hug
I taste the dinner made by Dad.
My Dad is fun to play with.

My Dad
I see my dad swimming
I hear my Dad cooking
I smell my Dad making cookies
I feel happy.
I like to play games with him!

My Dad
I see a hermit crab
I hear the waves
I smell fish and chips
I feel the wind
I taste lobster.
I love going to the beach with Dad.

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