Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Philosophy and Team 2A

This wonderful book by Philip Cam et al  was recommended by my colleague Mrs Stevens. This book suggests great story books and provides sets of activities to explore philosophical themes. The book has helped us to develop our reasoning and collaborative inquiry skills which basically means we've been having heaps of fun and engaging in loads of discussions.

This book is a must read!

Here are two of our favourite pages:

We investigated what constitutes stealing. These are a couple of the questions we explored:
Is it all right to steal something from someone if they wouldn't mind that you stole it?
Is it all right to steal from people who have more than you?

We also explored the theme of 'uncovering assumptions' and we found reasons why the Potoroo changed her mind about Miss Lily the crocodile.

2A had multiple opportunities to present arguments and justify their decisions.

Interesting fact according to Wikipedia: Gilbert's Potoroo is Australia's most endangered animal.

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