Sunday, 1 May 2011

Jetski Addition Addiction

Look what Mr Walker at Room 7's blog has to say about this game:

"Just found this very cool, super fun, new maths game called Jetski Addition. You compete against 4 other jestskis for the prize! Every time you answer a correct addition problem, your jetski goes a little faster. The quicker you answer, the faster you go! The really cool thing is you can join a game, or start your own, and compete against other people around the world!
My first few games led me to my fastest time of 54.70. Can you beat that? 
(be warned... it is so addicitive you won't want to stop!)"

Well, can you beat that?

Click on this blue link to play.


  1. WOW it is so fun with a time of 57.24 sec and i came 1st place (the only problem was that i cant
    be a guinea pig or a dog):D

    from Jake

  2. Well done, Jake! You'll have to design a guinea-pig game! :)

  3. hi mrs Wilson its Mackensie i came second in the first jet ski race. In the second round i came third but i didn't mind i still had lots of fun. Mackensie

  4. Woohoo! Go for it Mackensie! I love hearing that you had fun!

  5. I got 56.26 and came 1st