Monday, 30 May 2011


Thanks for helping make memories, Kylie! 


  1. As always it is my absolute pleasure! Its such a lovely class of children, I love spending time with them all and they all seem to love having their photos taken!

    Thanks for a fun and exhausting day 2A, I don't know where they find all that energy!

    By the way who are those two spunky young things in the last photo!!!

  2. Considering we had Under 8's Day, Art's Council and the Sciencentre excursion in one week- I guess it could be Fortitude and Prudence (A.K.A Mrs Prue Deane)...

  3. Lol. How clever are you Mrs. Wilson, I am sure it will be a little quiter around the class next week! I hope you all had a great party today!