Friday, 6 May 2011

Mothers' Day Craft- we love you Mum!

Hover your mouse over slide for captions.

Energy, innovation, a splash and spray with a toothbrush, an egg carton for printing (and surveillance from Emma, Kath, Tamara and Kylie) made for a fun-filled morning! 


  1. What beautiful artworks I am sure every mummy is going to fall in love with their flowers! I know I did and it is something that I will treasure!

    I had an absolute ball with the kids flicking and spraying paint all over the then blank canvas even though the paint hit the floor a couple of times (whoops)!

    What a beautiful gift, it will certainly take pride of place near my desk to gaze at and take inspiration!

    Thank you Mrs Wilson and happy Mothers Day to you also, I hope you get spoilt rotten!

  2. These artworks are beautiful, I loved mine. Thanks to the mums who helped out and therefore were deprived of the surprise factor! I can't make it to the classroom and appreciate the help from those that can. Loving the blog Jacqui, Jane

  3. What beautiful Mothers' Day posters. We saw one on skype the other day and it was gorgeous. If you have a Grandfathers' Day please do me a poster with butterflies or lady bugs. Bob(Lauren's Kiwi Grandfather.