Sunday, 7 August 2011

"The best thing a child can do with a toy is break it !"

Visiting class blogs around the world to find ideas to share with you is always fun. Today I found a great site and I didn't even 'travel' very far at all!

Ms Dowling in NSW has been showing her class how to make toys from trash using  the Arvind Gupta site. If you click on the blue name, Arvind Gupta, you'll find it's a hyperlink to the activities.

Look what Nellie made:

Georgia K made these:

I had heaps of fun making these:
Dancing eyes:

Balloon rocket:

Climbing Man:

Which ones will you try at home?

Which one should we try during our next wet weather lunch?

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  1. Hello Ms. Wilson and Team 2A. We liked looking at your blog. Did you know we also found the Toys form Trash site. We made the dancing eyes. That worked really well. We haven't made anything else but the climbing trekker looks really good.Maybe when have Play we we will have a go at it.
    From Mrs. Kolenberg and Room 4.