Friday, 19 August 2011

Sidewalk Chalk- Georgia K's Blog Post

What happens when we mix water, paint and Plaster of Paris?
Apparatus: toilet roll, cookie cutter, baking paper, electric tape, acrylic paint, plain cold water and Plaster of Paris.

1. Get a toilet roll.
2. Get electric tape and stick it on one end.
3. Get the baking paper and wrap it inside the toilet roll.
4. Put the mixture of paint, Plaster of Paris and water in the roll.
We left it and it went solid. You can write with it.

Choosing our spelling words.

 We practised writing our spelling words.

By Georgia K


  1. Hello Yeju. What a fantastic way to make something that writes! The children in Room 4 at Craigburn have spelling words and I think being able to write with something that we had made would make them very keen to learn their words!
    Keep up the great work.
    From Mrs.Kolenberg and the children in Room 4 at Craigburn Primary School.

  2. That's not what I did, but it's still fantabulous!

  3. Hello Team 2A! I arrived here via Slovenia; my class corresponds them too and I was reading their blog. You have a really terrific blog - very colorful and interesting. The blog guidelines are wonderful, and the translation buttons are such a good idea that I'm going to put them on my class' blog too.
    Keep up the good work!
    The Stars, Maine, USA

  4. Thank You 'The Stars'. The guidelines are on several blogs but I think they were written originally by Kathleen Morris at

  5. Oops- Yeju is right! I'll repost! Thanks for giving Georgia K the compliment!