Saturday, 13 August 2011

Physical changes to matter

We made 'oobleck' or 'gloop' in science on Friday. It elicited genuine 'oohs from ahhs' from the Explorers. We added small amounts of water to cornflour and kept stirring gently and slowly until we had paste. 

When we poured the gloop, it flowed and dripped like a liquid. We noticed that when we stirred quickly, the gloop became hard. When it started drying out, it became powdery again.We added more water and watched the gloop flow like a liquid and we pushed the gloop to make it act like a solid.

We thought that if we added a few drops of green food colouring, the gloop would look even more exciting!

The gloop made a bit of a mess because we had so much fun pouring it from one hand to the other. (Thanks Mrs Hillier for your terrific idea to make it outside!)

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