Friday, 19 August 2011

Scenic Slovenia

In the computer lab today, we visited this blog:

Their teacher is an amazing photographer! What a glorious landscape!

Using the pictures on their blog, we had time to write one quick comparison between Slovenia and Australia.

The kids wear any clothes and we wear school uniforms- Jordie.
They often eat big bowls of soup and we don't. They have tall, skinny trees in their woods whereas we have rainforests- Yeju.
In Slovenia they have more flowers. In Brisbane we don't have as many flowers- Liam.
In Slovenia they have lots of hills- Sean.
Australia has lots of eucalypts (Gum Trees) and in Slovenia they don't.
They have lots of pretty flowers- Toby.
They have beautiful Pine trees. In Australia you have to especially plant Pine Trees- Ashley.
They eat big bowls of soup. We do not have lots of hills- Luke.
In Slovenia, they have Pine Trees- Tyson.
In Slovenia there was porridge and beautiful flowers blooming. They have a blog like us!- Amber.
Slovenes often eat soup- Georgia K.
In Slovenia they have pretty flowers- Georgia S.
Slovenia loooks good. Australia is the best! That class also has a blog- Aiden L.
In Slovenia they have tall trees. In Australia, Pine Trees are not native.
Slovenia is different to Australia- William


  1. What a wonderful way to visit another country and culture! Isn't it lovely and green! Awesome photographs and love that forest! Such a perfect way to travel around the world without leaving your home!

  2. Dear friends,

    we're absolutely honored that you visited our blog and took a close look at it. We're still on summer vacation but never far away from our posts. Thank you for writing some nice things about us. And yes, Slovenia is probably the greenest country in the world. You're always welcome!

    Have a wonderful school time and stay happy! You're the best :)

    Love from the Sparkles, Ljubljana, Slovenia