Wednesday, 16 November 2011

World Travel Expo

We celebrated our SOSE (study of society and environment) unit on Tuesday by holding a World Travel Expo in the last hour of the school day. Students used their desks to display their dioramas, handmade snow dome souvenirs, travel brochures posters and country reports. Some of us dressed up or wore the colours of our country's flag.  We sang Frere Jacques (more than once...) and with a Ding Dang Dong, the day ended way too soon. Thanks to our parents for visiting. For those of you who wish they could have made it- here are a few photos.

These photos are from Roxanne- class mum, class parent co-ordinator and photographer extraordinaire.

A friendly wave of a fan provided a little welcome relief on a hot and humid day.

Our parents, our deputy principal and the principal wondered around the classroom asking students to share interesting facts about the country that they had researched.

"Try this Mum!"

Students had the option of sharing a small plate of little treats from their country which the parents could sample.

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