Thursday, 3 November 2011

How to make awesome Dioramas

Best Ever Dioramas!
1. Collect 23 empty shoe boxes.
2. Take the class to the computer lab armed with their busy books and a pencil ready to do a Bing or Google search on a country of their choice.
3. Warn class that the EQ firewall will block out about 50% of their searches but to hang in there...
4. Suggest a few reliable websites such as Kids National Geographic and horror of horrors- Wikipedia (helps with creative commons)!
5. Tell class that they should note the flag and landscape of their country.
6. Set them free to design and label their dioramas in their books and write up lists of tools and materials that they will need.
7. Voila! Now the real fun can start...


Joel's Chinese diorama
Note the Chinese flag and a panda eating bamboo...

Lauren's Italian diorama

It's a volcano and there's an Italian flag so perhaps it's Mount Etna?

Georgia K's Mexican diorama

What a wonderful Mexican diorama. Can you see the amazing Mexican flag and delicious taco?

Tyson's South African Diorama
 World Cup Soccer held in South Africa (Think Shakira- Waka Waka)

Nellie's South African Diorama
 I spot a South African flag and rural hut...

Bella's Japanese Diorama
 Now that must be Japan- Mount Fuji and a panda (really cute up close)

Georgia S's  Venetian Diorama
There's an Italian flag and a gondola- Venice!

Toby's UAE Diorama
 No it's not a pterodactyl- I think it's a falcon in Dubai! How can you not love those eyes?

Ashley's diorama

Jordie's diorama

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  1. Am so glad you all perservered with the firewall, they are wonderful, well done! Toby's Mum