Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Draw a Stick Man- holiday fun!

I stumbled onto this clever website today:

What to do when you use 'Draw a Stick Man':
1. Draw the coolest stick person ever.
2. Now watch the site animate your stick person.
3. Draw a few things to help the stick person out on their journey.
4. Enjoy the adventure...

Now that's FUN!


  1. That website looks great!
    We are a blogging class, year ones, from WA. We are just about to that same site ourselves in class after completing a project on Harold and the Purple Crayon. Have you ever read it? It's quite a lot like the Stick Man site.

    We just found your blog and we LOVE it! We'll be checking back again soon. Great work, Ms. Wilson and the Awesome Explorers!

  2. Dear Mrs Wilson, that was very funny. The stick man was so funny, so crazy. Thanks for putting it up on the blog. from Joel

  3. Hi Joel
    I hope you're having fun on your holiday!
    Mrs Wilson