Saturday, 3 September 2011

Riverfire 2011

A fireworks extravaganza, "Riverfire", kicks off the annual Brisbane Festival.  This celebration comes only 6 months after people watched pontoons, debris and yachts swirl down the raging river during the terrible March floods. We took photos and videos on dry land that, only months before, had been submerged under several feet of water.

Moss-coloured cobwebs

Eerie dandelions

Fairy dust

Sean's Blog Post

At the start I was a bit nervous because I thought Eliza would cry. A few minutes later, my friend came through the crowd to stand next to me. I felt joyful and less lonely because my friend was there. We stood in the middle of all the people chewing our warm party pies.
I heard the fireworks boom. It was as if an AFL ball banged down onto some-one's boot and exploded into colours. The sky lit up with pretty pink, grass green and white meteors. I was excited when the sparkles came off the bridge like yellow rain. We could smell the fireworks drifting in the air.


"From little things, big things grow!"

Fiery Fury

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